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Join Us for An Evening Milking Virtual Tour

written by

Kenton Nolt

posted on

September 27, 2023

How would you like to follow the farmers around the farm while they are doing the evening milking? Well, here is your chance! Are you ready?
It's 5:00 PM, and it's time to start with the evening milking. Here are all the milkers cleaned and ready for milking. We have about 40 cows to milk, and it takes us about 1 hour to milk them all. Are you ready to follow along?


To start we put all the milkers together and take them over to the barn and hang the milkers between the cows. We have six milkers, so that means we can milk six cows at a time. This sure beats how they did it in the old days. One cow at a time and they milked them all by hand...


Here we connect the milker to the pipeline. The pipeline is what transfers the milk from the barn to the milk tank for cooling and storage.


The next step is to clean the cow's udder and teats with a sanitizer to make sure there is no dirt on the udder and the teats. This is a very important step, and it ensures that the milking surface is clean.


Now, we've got the milker on, and the milker is doing its job. Let's go over to the milk house to make sure the milk is flowing into the collection jar. This is where the milk collects until it's almost full, and then it gets pumped into the milk tank for cooling and storage. Yup, it looks like the milk is flowing, so that means everything is going right.


Here is the milk tank where all the milk is stored and kept cold until it is time to be bottled up for families like yours! :)


Now we are all done with the milking so it's time to bring the milker's over for cleaning and get them ready for the next milking.


All done with the milking! Thanks for following along on this virtual tour, I hope you enjoyed it! I was glad to have you along! 
Let me know if you would like to see more virtual tours like this in the future. 
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