Know Your Farmer! Trust Your Foods!

Are you tired of uncertain supermarket food?

Are you weary of purchasing food without knowing its origins and quality? At Conoco View Dairy, we understand the frustration of feeding your family with uncertain foods. Making healthy choices for your family shouldn't involve guesswork. You deserve to have full confidence in the foods you serve at your table!

We are dedicated to providing your family with farm-fresh foods you can trust. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality foods directly to your community. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to wholesome, trustworthy foods you can trust for your loved ones.

Know Your Farmer

We are a small family farm that you can visit, and are committed to supply you with Farm Fresh Foods.

Trust Your Foods

Our animals are humanly raised, antibiotic free, no artificial growth hormones, mRNA Free

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Trusted By 100s Of Families Since 2011

I have been shopping with ConocoView Dairy for years now. They have never disappointed me. Their milk is the only milk my family can drink without having stomach upset and their meat selection is always top quality. This was my first online order and it was ready the same day for pick up. I couldn't be happier with the service and friendly smiles I see every time I stop in. The calves are also a highlight of our weekly trip.
Colie reisinger
My pick up was seamless. The delivery guy was very kind. I purchased the A2A2 milk and I have to say it was perfect with my protein powder and didn’t upset my stomach like other milks do. Thanks for this delivery service.
C Harrison
We love their farm fresh products and supporting local farmers. Their A2 raw milk is delicious and always has a thick cream line. They’re really friendly and answer any questions you have, and have multiple pick up locations! Definitely try their milk (and other products)- you know you’re getting something quality and there’s no weekly commitment (you just order whenever you need something for that week pickup). Thanks, Conoco! Excited to see what new products you add to the line up in the future ☺️
Rebekah E
I love the personal touch the family gives to this business. You can see their dedication and the products are great. My children prefer the raw milk over any other and my lactose intolerant child loves that it doesn't bother his tummy and he doesn't have to take any pills to enjoy it.
Nichole Clouse