Truly Pastured Chicken Freezer Filler Bundle

Truly Pastured Chicken Freezer Filler Bundle

108 4oz portions - Truly Pastured Gmo-Free Chicken at its Best!

Would you like to save money on high quality Truly Pastured Chicken?

Is it important to you that your Chicken is Humanely Raised, Chemical-Free, Antibiotic-Free,mRNA-Free,Artificial Growth Hormone-Free? Are your looking for a way to fill your freezer for a savings?

This bundle is for you.

It's a perfect way to fill your freezer with clean, delicious chicken. There is truly no comparison to Industrial CAFO Chicken. Taste the difference for yourself!

What's in this Chicken Bundle?

  • 1 (4 lb) Whole Chicken
                • 2 ( 6 wings/pk) Chicken Wings
                • 6 ( 2 breast/pk) Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
                • 4 ( 2 legs/pk) Chicken Leg-Thigh
                • 4 ( 4 Drumsticks/pk) Drumsticks
                • 4 ( 2 Thighs/pk) Chicken Thighs

                Total bundle weighs Approx. 27 lbs. (108 4oz portions) and will take about 1 cubic feet of freezer space.

                Our Chicken Quality Guarantee:

                ✔ Artificial Hormone-Free

                ✔ Humanely Raised

                ✔ Antibiotic-Free

                ✔ Truly Pastured

                ✔ Chemical-Free

                ✔ Farm Fresh

                ✔ mRNA-Free