Pickup Location FAQs

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Who came up with the idea for this amazing food delivery system?

So... the truth of it is we didn't. There are many other farms that are implementing the same ideas. It's a great way to market your own product and cut out the middle man!

How long have you been using the Pickup Locations idea?

We discovered this system in January 2021 and we started our first location at York Haven, Pa in March 2022. You are probably thinking, wow that took quite a long time. It is and at the time we weren't ready to start it. So here we are still learning all the ropes! :)

Should I be bring a cooler along to the Pickup Location?

Yes, please bring your own cooler. (Unless you live within 5-10 minutes of the pickup location and will be going straight home.)

We recommend that our milk products don't reach more than 40 degrees for an extended period of time. So please bring ice packs as well. :)

Do you carry extra product with you in case I forgot to order something?

The answer to that question is No..! We pack everything the day before for the route and don't add any extras. However if you see your order was packed incorrectly please reach out to us @ kenton@conocodairy.com or 717.536.9916 and we will give you a discount towards your next order or refund the correct amount.

How late does your delivery driver stay?

Now that is a big question because it usaully means you are thinking of arriving after the appointed meeting time! That's not good! ;) Remember this: The appointed meeting time is an appointment and its never good to arrive late for an appointment. Our delivery driver normally is always on time or even a few minutes early. So we recommend that you are early or on time as well. That way if you hit traffic or a snag you still will only be a few minutes late. If you see you are going to be more than 5-10 minutes late please give us a call at (717-536-9916). If you don't contact us there is a risk of missing your order.

So what happens if i missed my delivery and already paid for it?

Don't worry we will fully credit your account for the amount you paid. Note: There may be a restocking fee if this occurs too often to the same customer. Otherwise we know mistakes happen and we forget as well.. :)

If I start purchasing products from your farm am I committed to purchase every week?

No, you don't have to purchase every week. We want you to be in control of when you want to purchase your families favorite products!

Is there a minimum order amount that I have to purchase every time?

No, there is no order minimum that you have to reach, although it is nice when the orders are bigger to make packing them more worthwhile.. ;)